Secret Santa in WishSpace

During the New Year holidays and Christmas, we receive and give ma-a-a-a-ny gifts. And it's pleasant, agree? 😇 It's also nice to receive a little gift from Secret Santa among colleagues.

To ensure that this "pleasant" doesn't spoil the mood for your colleagues and they stay happy, we created WishSpace. With it, you can easily organize a "Secret Santa" activity in your team. All participants will have the opportunity to add their wishes to the application, so they will eagerly await "that same" day.

How it works


Create a group of people who will participate in "Secret Santa"


Add these users by sharing them a link to the group

📍 Don't forget to confirm their requests to join


If these users are not in the application, you can provide them with your referral link (spoiler: and get a month of unlimited subscription for every three users)


Create a "Secret Santa" event for this group

Specify the date and budget


The created event will automatically appear in the calendars of all participants in their group


Randomize users into pairs

P.S. Only the event owner can see how the pairs are randomized. Everyone else will only see their own pair

Now everyone has their own 🎅


Add gifts that you would like to receive from your Secret Santa

The number of gifts is unlimited, and their cost should correspond to the event budget


Don't forget to reserve

So, you have a pair, and you've chosen their wish? Don't forget to reserve it to avoid "surprises" and ensure everyone is satisfied!


If you have any clarifying questions about wishes, you can always ask them through the menu located in the wishes section. These questions are anonymous, so you don't have to worry about "being exposed" 😁

Wishing you pleasant celebrations and experiences 🦄

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